When general-purpose bots fail, run !kifo

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Kifo Clanker™ - When general-purpose bots 
fail, run !kifo

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Kifo Clanker: top-quality unorthodox Discord commands!

Click the text above to invite Kifo Clanker to your Discord server and try it yourself.

This bot contains:

  • Channel contest manager,
  • Perms manager,
  • Temporary role remover,
  • Detailed stats,
  • …and much more!

It doesn’t feature general commands, like mute, ban, etc. - it’s not a general-purpose bot, it’s special forces bot.

! This bot is in continuous development, so some features may be missing, not working, etc…

! If you find any bugs (or have an awesome idea), please notify me on Discord: @KifoPL#3358 <@289119054130839552>, or submit a ticket.

Useful Lists

The lists are always up-to-date with the latest release.


temporary role remover

channel contest manager

very detailed stats!

quick channel perm menu!

Useful links:

Discord Support Server

Share your ideas, read the changelog, test out new features before their release. Bot Website

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VPS, electricity, and the internet cost a lot of money, donations motivate me to continue my work developing this bot, plus you get a custom prefix for your server in return.


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